Vikings are pirates brave from mainland Norway, Sweden, and Danish. Between 800 and 1100 years AD, they were combing the northwest coast of Europe in a long boat to search for and carry a very precious booty. Society at that time are generally very scared with lightning attacks and brutality Vikings, a prayer from that period reads: "Save us Lord, from anger Norsemen (Vikings). They are often ravaged our land. They kill children and our women" The Vikings pride themselves on their courage while fighting, most of the fighting on foot and carrying swords, spears, and axes. While the top brass with a war horse. Forces "coward" who is leading the berserker attack. Berserk is a nation with a typical Norse 'without wearing iron armor' with a fierce look and sturdy body, and its brutal. Before the war they became crazy drunk and fought with narcotics and trust in their god, Odin, to keep them safe. The word Vikings used these late-late alone, the people at that time they called Norsemen. The word is probably derived from Vik, a city of pirates center in Norway. When the Norsemen go 'as a Viking', then they fight as a pirate. Swedish Vikings who settled in Eastern Europe may be referred to as Runs, and became Russia as their names. However, not all pirate Vikings, in their homeland, they are farmers and fishermen, traders and craftsmen. Many of them go with pirates and living in northern France, northern England, and Ireland. Many times they attacked the British and Irish, then looted down to Gibraltar and the Mediterranean.

In Eastern Europe, Vikings ship taking them to the interior and along the rivers. They ventured so far as Russia and Ukraine, sometimes robbing combing Constantinople, which is often called Miklagard / Big City. While the Vikings who lived in northern France called The Normans. Rajamereka the famous William the Conqueror, the British occupied ditahun 1066.

The Vikings are a tough sailors and ships their wooden boats called long is a ship construction is very sturdy, lightweight and has a flat bottom that allows for sailing in shallow rivers and open seas.

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