The city was situated at an altitude of more than 13,000 feet and miles away from other cities. If we set out from Cuzco, Peru, it will reach the city and the excavation sites after several days travel by train and ship.

High plains similar to a scene in an unknown planet. Working hand is torture for anyone who is not native there. Air pressure of about half of the air pressure above the sea level and in connection with the oxygen content in air is certainly very little. However, on this plateau stood a very large city. There are no authentic traditions about Tiahuanaco this. In this case the goods times we should feel happy that the answers are not acceptable can be achieved by leaning the way of learning ancient hereditary it.

Ruins of a very old man (we do not know how many thousands of years old), the mist float past, ignorance of the mystery. Blocks of sandstone weighing 100 tons which ditumpungi with other blocks weighing 60 tons used as a wall. Other fields are trimmed and angled right at junction with square stones of the other, held together by pins made of copper. In addition, the composition of the rock has been done very neatly. Holes 8 feet deep and until now has not been clarified to what is found in a stone block weighing 10 tons. Stone tiles are worn, the 16 ½ feet long and is one piece of stone without the connection does not help solve the puzzle contained in the Tiahuanaco. Water channel made of stone 6 feet long and 1 ½ feet wide, are scattered on the floor like a toy.

Scattered objects that must be caused by a terrible natural disaster. This discovery has surprised us because their works are so carefully. Did our ancestors in Tiahuanaco could do something better than spent many years making such channels without cermatnya such equipment, so if it is compared with our plumbing and modern concrete as if it were simply the result of work mere careless?

In the present temple yard has been redeveloped, there is a set of mixed bust, which, if observed closely is a collection of various races, because there are some who face a thin-lipped, there is a thick-lipped. Some have a long nose, the nose is curved, there are some good thin berkuping, there is a thick berkuping, some gentle-faced, there is a face-angle corners. And some of the heads are helmeted strange. Are the forms of the unknown face is intended to try to convey a message to us that we can not and will not understand because our attitude is prevented by the stubborn and prejudiced?

One of the archaeological wonders of South America is Monolitas Gate of the Sun at Tiahuanaco a giant statue of nearly 10 feet tall, 16 ½ feet wide, carved from a single block of stone more than tunggal.Beratnya estimated 10 tons. Forty-eight squares arranged in three rows, flanked the statue depicting the god of flying. Does that tell the legend of the mysterious city of Tiahuanaco it?

Once there, it is said that a space ship made of gold had come from a star. Inside was a woman named Oryana, who will perform the task on this earth that is the Great Mother. Oryana only have four fingers between them such as webbed toes duck. Oryana Great Mother gave birth to 70 children of the earth, after which he returned to his native star. It is found in Tiahuanaco carvings depicting rock beings who fingered four. Abadnya can not specify. No one, and from any century we have seen ever seen intact Tiahuanaco.

Whether the hidden secrets of this city? The message is sent from another world, who await a solution to the high plains of Bolivia that? There is no reasonable explanation of the beginning and the end of this culture. This is certainly not going to stop a few archaeologists who dared to make provisions and establish a personal belief that the ruins had been 3000 years old. They determine this time based on some ridiculous statue made of soil and that could not possibly have anything to do with age monilit. Scholars things easier on their behalf. They unite a number of pottery fragments, searching and researching the culture of one or two adjacent times, then the label attached to the invention has joined earlier, and thus everything cocoklah thought patterns that have been approved.

This very real way easier than trying to idea of a technical skills needed in an era, or the idea of space tourism from a long time ago. Experiment is considered such an idea would only complicate the issue, to no avail.

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