Adam Bridge

Adam's Bridge, or the often dubbed Rama Bridge is one of the "Mysterious Places in the World's". Mysterious ancient bridge along the 18 miles (30 km) which connects between Manand Island (Sri Lanka) and Pamban Island (India) is estimated to have 1,000,000 years old!

The image of Rama's Brige itself very easily visible from the surface of sea water because it was not too deep, which is only as deep inundated approximately 1.2 meters (if the sea water is receding).

Status of the bridge is still a mystery to this day, according to commentaries by experts, is estimated to be Rama's Bridge is closely associated with famous lehenda India, the Ramayana.

SriLankan Archeology Department has issued a statment the Bridge of Rama mentions possible age ranges between 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 years old, but whether this bridge was formed naturally or is a masterpiece of human beings that they could not explain.

SUDeraniyagala, Director General of Archeology who is also Sri Lanka author of the book "Early Man and the Rise of Civilization in Sri Lanka: The Archaeological Evidence "to say that human civilization has emerged in the Foot of Mount Himalayas about 2,000,000 years ago, although according to the historian of the earliest civilizations of India is a civilization didaratan Ca nation, it's not a guarantee that there is an older civilization from their previous .

Scholars decrees that may be this ancient bridge was built after Sri Lankan mainland India are separated by millions of years ago. In the Epic of Ramayana, the bridge was built by the ape-man army under the supervision of Rama. The purpose of the construction itself is a place for crossing into the State of Lanka on a mission to rescue Shinta Dewi, who at that time Sinta Dewi was in the abduction by the King of the Kingdom of Lanka, Ravana is.
Epic Ramayana, according to Hindu calendar should be on the Tredha yuga (according to the evolution of disc Hindu / Hinduism on the Epic disc is divided in the Sathya (1,728,000 years), Tredha (1,296,000 years), dwapara (8.64.000 years) and Kali (4.32.000 years).
The present stage according to their calendar is the Kali.Berarti according to Epic, Bridge of Rama age ranged from 1,700,000 years.

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