Around 1500 AD, The Aztecs controlled Mexico. This nation is known for cruel, human soldiers hunt for skinned and sacrificed to their gods. One of the interesting things from the history of this nation is a legend about a lost city. Mysterious ancient city with fantastic architecture, filled with amazing architecture called Teotihuacan.

Mysterious ruined city that was so big, so when the Aztecs found it, they believe it must be the most sacred places in the whole universe. The Aztecs called Teotihuacan which means place of the gods. This ancient city was amazing, the network of long roads and large pyramids stand in the city. The city has a total area of 12.8 square kilometers, an area larger than the Roman Empire. The Aztecs called the main road as a way of death and they named as the 2nd largest pyramid and the Pyramid of the Sun Pyramid of the Moon. From the rise around the year 1 AD 7th century until its downfall later, Teotihuacan was the largest city west dibelahan earth. The Aztecs did not even know who built this great city and why they left. And to this day is still a confusing puzzle. Something terrible thing must never happen here, until the entire population gone, so scratch that does not change the big city into an uninhabited ghost town.

In the ancient culture of Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, we know the main reason for large pyramids built, mostly as a tomb for the royal family, there are unisex as an altar to hold the ceremony and prayer. But the pyramids at Teotihuacan are a mystery. The main purpose of the pyramid construction here has been lost in time, because the pyramid builders had left behind almost any information to us. We do not know, they call themselves as a nation what? What language or where they Tell the rulers were buried? They do not leave books, writing systems, written history of the past. For nearly a century, archaeologist has collected many clues. More than 900 thousand pieces of pottery have been analyzed, numbered, and packaged. The meaning of some artifacts are still much debated, but recent excavations revealed the story of life and death of this pyramid city.

Although it is a big city, but actually Teotihuacan is a remote place in the northern region known as Mesoamerica. At the beginning of the first millennium AD, the place is barren and arid regions, more cactus than humans. Then, suddenly, almost overnight, the human population until pulahan thousands meladak in the city. How could this dusty remote place suddenly turned into the largest city as America? One theory is that the people fled from the fire of the gods, the terrible volcanic eruption. Mount suddenly erupted and the lava flooded the slope. The whole town was buried and unstoppable rivers. Agricultural lands have been destroyed and total destruction. When searching for a safe place, the people who survived berhamubran toward the place to be known as Teotihuacan. Yet, it is the mystery in the mystery. Why is everyone running into this desolate place? And there are other sites more distant from the volcano, with a more fertile soil and more rain.

The refugees must be attracted to this location because there was something. Or perhaps there is charismatic leaders who set this refugee population into the new record, a new harmony with the universe and the cosmos. People who do very strongly on the sacred power of the gods preferred. Authoritative leader was then planning to make big sacrifices to the gods of the volcano. Where the elements of a building consisting of offerings that killed their families and destroying their city first. They would build a man-made volcano that is the pyramid. Then a city and a new way of life was born. Pyramids deliver a new era, a time to order and hope for the future. Giant pyramids remaining to this day is just a silent witness of the glory of Teotihuacan. The tourists come from everywhere to place this extraordinary. Teotihuacan is the first superpower in the Americas, the ancient wonders of the world born of disaster, and was built by a number of refugees. For centuries, their success to attract people to live in the shadow of the pyramid. Until the other mysterious disaster somehow destroy the dream.

What really happened at Teotihuacan in the past so that people can not trace disappear like that? The secret lies in the heart of the pyramid-pyramid itself. In the 4th century AD peak, there is no place on earth like Teotihuacan. At that time, the Great Kingdom in Egypt have long collapsed, Classical Civilization in Greece has faded, the Roman Empire had long since dropped the bars. But in other parts of the world, Teotihuacan was reaching his prime. Some important things that happened on Earth, this occurred in Teotihuacan. Population was swollen and reached 200 thousand inhabitants, it makes unparalleled Teotihuacan in Mesoamerica and in the world. The city is controlled trade routes from Arizona to El Salvador today, extending their authority throughout Mesoamerica. To compare how the crowd Teotihuacan in the past then compare with some of today's modern cities like New York, London, etc.. Teotihuacan be described as a modern city of the past, immigrants beruduyung-mermaid came to seek a new livelihood. That said, people from all over Mesoamerica came to live in the city this pyramid. Pyramids likened to a skyscraper which suggests power and domination.

Archaeological interpretation states that the most likely why the city was left was a horrible discoveries in the heart of each pyramid. Later, the bones scattered in it will uncover the true nature of this great city. Perhaps the key to why megakota so strong and noble will be abandoned by the people who built it. Deep in the city there is evidence of the other side of a very different Teotihuacan. Perhaps also full of violence such as Maya or Aztecs, Teotihuacan had a past dark and bloody. Saburo Sugiyama, An Archaeological who has examined many artifacts in tauhn Teotihuacan strange discovery deep in the Pyramid of the Moon. Human bones scattered Tualng emerged from the ground and it seems the place is not a normal burial. Human skeletons were decapitated, their arms tied behind his back. Something hard, dark and terrible must have happened here. Forensic anthropologist, Michael Spence, convinced that he could know the true story of people that died. Human skeletons that had once been koraban offerings. They were sacrificed by binding and beat him at least twice. To maintain the prosperity of the pyramid, their lives dedicated to the gods. Teotihuacan is also not a city merupaklan peace and harmony, its currency is human blood. Teotihuacan is also said to frequent fighting, and they satisfy their gods with the blood of the prisoners of war.

But somehow, in his prime and his influence there was something wrong. Blood was not enough, the gods betrayed the city of the pyramid. For more than 5 centuries the city flourished, and then around the 6th century, he collapsed and the holy city center Itupun abandoned. Very difficult to imagine suddenly crowded cities such as New York residents would be left in a very fast, as well as Teotihuacan. The loss of the pyramid builders was a big mystery that can be solved by the smallest clues. Not from the pyramid but from the teeth collected from an ancient tomb, because the teeth including the best way to understand a person's health. Strong teeth indicate good health, but tooth found here shows it is not good. In recent years kemansyuran city, not the population's health as well as before. Because of the decline in popularity is that the health pyramid itself. Too many people come to live in bayangna protection. The city is a dense set of streets, vulnerable to disease and the smell of exhaust dirt. There was no enough food or drinking water that makes human life is not long in Teotihuacan. Piramia-pyramid were too successful, so do not realize that this city grow to the point of destruction. Grow the divide between rich and poor. The main road into town was forbidden territory for the common people. Then there was the last disaster that can not be prevented the drought. The need for rain is very urgent, the priests and even kill the babies in the city with tears of hope can make it rain baby.

Scientists used to believe the collapse from within, the city was also attacked and destroyed by other nations. But there is little evidence that power the region's large enough to attack and defeat the weak city Teotihuacan. Teotihuacan would destroy himself, born of the fear of the volcano, this town will die in a fire. Nearly 15 centuries later, the evidence is still visible on the walls of the pyramids and temples of the signs of arson. The fire was so hot that burn stone. May occur spontaneously in one night, when the sacred ritual of sacrifice pleaded rain or food. According to one theory, the citizens revolted and burned up the symbol of their former glory. And they believed, from all their suffering based on pyramids located in their city. Interesting clues to support this theory, the vague evidence of fire damage in the apartment complex at 2000 Teotihuacan.

But another theory is much more bizarre and even more frightening. The archaeological evidence found piles of charred wood in the ruins of the temple. The remains of a bonfire and not caused by a disorder, but something planned. Perpetrators may be the priests who serve the gods and the pyramid. They consider the glory of Teotihuacan had passed, so the residence kekuasaansuci, the holy land from the road of death must be eradicated. They burned the temple at the top of the pyramid, and destroyed the sculptures of their gods. The priests holy damage ties between the city and the cosmos forever. Bak burning volcano, at the top of the pyramid temple on fire. Last message to the gods, Teotihuacan was dead. As time went on, the residents and quickly left the big city that has been "dying" is.

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