Temples of the Kama Sutra

160 years ago in the woods north of India, the ruins of the lost city is found. Ditengahnya, there is the most elaborate temple complex ever found in India. Although hailed as the greatest works of art and architecture, but the temple has violated good manners have a civilized society.

Because the walls of the temple was filled with the most explicit sexual images in the world. In place of the building stood, exactly in the hills north of India, where the river split in the middle, once stood the great dynasty. For 300 years they prospered.

At a place called Khajuraho is why they build government buildings and some of the largest temples ever existed in India. What makes this a very interesting Khajuraho foreign tourists is amazing composition of erotic carvings. Very clearly shown every position imaginable sex sex shows in the mid-century. Although carved thousands of years ago, these carvings still have the power to embarrass and excites. World Archaeological until now have not really got a satisfactory answer about the origin of manufacture these temples. Why in the holy place they can trust reliefs mounted like this?
whether the purpose of it all?

One hundred years ago, when the temples are found, the work of the second Indian eroticism on display in the Western world. Year 1883 was the publication of the first secrets of the Kama Sutra, Basic Principles of Love. With a very careful calculation, even clinical book contains all kinds of relationships developed in seksual.Kama Silk 4th century AD by Malinaga Vatsayana. He teaches young people about the universal problem of how to have a satisfying and full life sexually. He teaches how to be good husbands and the women how to be a good wife. He writes sensitively about creating confidence in a girl. Introduced to sex. "Women, has a gentle nature, and want a soft start". In England, Queen Victoria who suppress sexual life, the Kama Sutra publicly condemned. But soon he became one of the biggest pirated books in English. If the book Kama Sutra describes only intercourse, other carvings in Khajuraho are menapilkannya in general, for all to see.

The building of this temple is a cursory look similar to Katerdal Gothic construction in Europe. Art historians from the University of Pennsylvania, Michael Meister, interested in the role of the carvings in this temple. According to him, comes from the Temples Khajuraho during 10-12 century architecture in India. Additions carvings on the temple is part of the uniqueness of the temple that makes the temple was a model of the cosmos, that is how the world was created, and the difference from the world. At Khajuraho, the temple was founded in large high podium. Floor podium symbolizing the world, on the ground floor at the bottom platform beneath a drawing board stuck to the entire floor below which shows all aspects of human life. There are reliefs depicting warriors, kings, and workers carve stones for the temple. Indian medieval world is not a great world. Many cultures have symbols to represent the universe, but only in India that has an emphasis on eroticism. A few years later, many found further explanation. What is the purpose of this all is pure religion, that is the test for a celibate priest who mocked them with worldly kesenagan? or for commercial purposes that is used to draw pilgrims to the temple prostitution advertise? or guiding the inscription?

Could Temple was built during the population decline? One thing is for sure, in India, sex and religion are always walking together. Until now, at Khajuraho it still berlangung. Every year in autumn, the village women take part in ancient fertility rites. Every morning they wake up at dawn, dressed in their terbaiak and walked to Chausath Yogini temple. There, before entering the temple, they gave gift of flowers and water. The girls pray for good men to become her husband, who had married women pray for the child is given. Devongan Nagasai art historian is a leader in the Indian eroticism. He found that the goddess Durga / Goddess of fertility has ancient roots in the sexual aspects of the religion in India. Figure 2 erotic century BC which was found in Indian art is generally considered to be something that can bring benefits and they are expected to cast out demons. Erotic pictures have been there before, as far as 2000 BC. This carving comes from worshiping the mother goddess. He has power over the basic issues of life.

Who built the temple and the other gods? Modern researchers revealed that the answer involves a mixture of power, religion and sex. 40 miles north adjacent to Khajuraho, the ruins of the palace complex. In the past, the palace complex was the residence of one of the leaders of a powerful dynasty in India, Prince Chandela. In the 5th century Indian trade center decline. Power transferred to the interior. Similarly in Europe, India when it entered the era of darkness. At College of Architecture and Decoration near Madras, South India. Students learn the meaning of the ancient Indian motifs. Under the supervision of the modern experts, they are taught stone carving with tools used by the sculptor pemahan earlier times.

In the 10th century, where the construction of temples in Khajuraho began engraving in India reached its peak. However, a completely, the meaning of art is misleading because the culture, the royal rulers and slaves had built a superstition. Exquisite carvings in Khajuraho mother meghidupkan back the trust of the ancient goddess of magic eroticism. At Khajuraho, the erotic carvings have a new role. The temple consists of 2 parts, common areas and shrines associated with the shortcut. The road is where people meet and here lies the god of erotic carvings were. Ancient traditions that connect people with God through sex was not easily accepted in modern India. Shows a general affection like holding hands was allowed. 30 years ago, when kama sutra finally legally published in the west, directly menimbulokan excitement.

Now India is in transition culture. Struggling to reconcile the past with the present erotic. If history is a guide, India would eventually find a way to combine the great legacy. Modern India is opposed to erotic sculptures at Khajuraho. Though proud of his artistic advancement and happy because many tourists are attracted to visit, but now a modern society in India has grown far more polite than the time under British Raj. After independence in 1948, India enact laws that prohibit sexual tigkah such behavior. Even to say, that a former colleague MPs Mahatma Gandhi earnestly recommends that the sculptures in Khajuraho backfilled.


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