Delhi Iron Pillar

Memorial Siamaihaluoli temples around the city of New Delhi, India, standing erect a giant steel pillars. High-iron pillars by the locals called the "King of Ah-Yii" is 6.7 meters, about 0.37 meters in diameter and weighs approximately 6 tons, the iron foundry, and there is solid with patterned decorative patterns in ancient the pillar.

It was said that making this iron pillar has reached well above a thousand years. But most make people feel wonder and amazement is that the iron pillar which has stood up for thousands of years, does not rust until now despite the wind and rain! Everyone must know that the iron is easily rusted metal, metal in general, let alone thousands of years, in recent decades have been filled with rust. Until now, the people also have not found an effective way to prevent rust on metal tools. If so, who is pouring the iron pillar?

Purity Melting
Having done the research, the iron pillar is formed by melting iron purity level that reached up to 99.72% and up to now there is no one who knows how people had mastered this fusion technique. And human engineering today is also not allowed to melt until it reaches such a pure fusion. So jelasla, that this is an old prehistoric human civilization had left, advanced level of human civilization had disappeared and left this mystery of all time.

About prehistoric civilization, has many scientists who acknowledge the reality
existence publicly. Archaeologist Michael Claimo and Richard Thompson in their monograph (Prohibited Arkeologinya and the Hidden History of Man) told thousands of prehistoric civilization heritage events. Prehistoric human experts from the UK named Genamd Hundcock in a book also has recorded so many important relics of prehistoric civilization.

And in the Gospels and the Qur'an also have noted the fact the previous occurrence of human civilization that was destroyed by a great flood (Noah's story).

Associated with prehistoric civilization and its periodical, the founder of Falun Gong / Dafa Fulun, Mr. Li Hongzhi in his book (Zhuan Falun) said, "Outside the country, many brave scientists have publicly admitted it was a prehistoric culture, civilization before the human civilization that we have now, ie before the civilization of today's civilization is still no period, not even just only once. Based on the observation of cultural objects unearthed, it was not the product of one of civilization course.

Therefore believed, of the many times of human civilization after a stroke that destroyed, leaving only a few people who still live a primitive life and travel, then gradually evolve into a new kind of human being anymore, so they suffered through a period of change for the period.

By physical scientists say that the motion of matter follows certain laws, changes in our universe all also follow certain laws. "From the description above has revealed an important point of human history and has cracked the secret as well as a variety of prejudices that confusion among historians for more than half a century .

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