Gravity Mysteries Solved

A simple law of nature, reveals the cause behind all of these mysteries:

  • Gravity
  • Creation of galaxies immediately after the Big Bang
  • Gasses amassing to become solar systems
  • The creation of the heavenly bodies
  • Why matter is pulling together
  • The flattened universe
  • Dark matter
  • Dark energy
  • Black holes
  • Lightning
  • Tornadoes
  • Strange air pockets
  • The Pioneer Anomaly
  • The Eye of a Hurricane
  • Magnetic Field of the Sun
  • Magnetism & Electricity
  • "Ionospheric Dynamo" and its ring currents.
  • The shocking new data discovered by XMM Newton
  • Quantum Physics
  • and much more...


Gravity has always been a mystery…

With thanks' mainly to Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein we have achieved some knowledge; however gravity is still not fully understood. This arises because we don’t fully understand the following:

  • The cause of gravity, is it a force?
  • How can we involve a force without disturbing space-time.
  • How can space transfer a force, if gravity really is a force.
  • How the galaxies and solar systems were created.
  • How the heavenly bodies were created.
  • How matter amasses.
  • Is dark matter and dark energy are connected to gravity.
  • How black wholes are created.

A new expression of gravity, "Space Curves" was introduced 100 years ago and has since been a famous and usable expression, especially for a pure geometric/mathematical understanding.

The main problem is that we don't know much about what space really is. Our immediate impression is that space is nothing.

How can 'nothing' curve?

To reach a deeper understanding of gravity, it is obvious that first of all we need to better understand how space plays a role in the gravity phenomena, and if force is really passing through it.

We don’t have many options when it comes to better understanding space. The expression 'curvature of space' has not been able to take our understanding further in the last 100 years.

We also know that space can expand as mean it must also be able to contract.

So we have 3 apparently different properties of space

  • Curvature
  • Expansion
  • Contraction

We simply don't know what 'curved space' really is.

It seems incredibly unnecessary that space would have 3 different deforming properties.

This article will show what happens when we equate curvature of space with contraction of space.

In doing so three properties will be united into one simple concept; "a flexible space", which means that space is not quite as mysterious as before.

There are several factors that support the idea that such simplicities are relevant. We will look deeper into these factors.

Whether one fully accepts such a simplification, is not necessary, for understanding this article.

What has changed is so far only an expression, it's not necessary to change or violate anything else. Einstein's theory of space-time will remain intact.

All that by way of introduction is assumed is that curved space is in reality contracted space, the opposite of expanded space.

Assuming this will give us an interesting main tread. This article will try to follow this main tread to see where it brings us.

Even if the expression: "Matter Contract Space" seems to be close to the well-known: "Curvature of Space", this article will show that such simple changes are merely in expression. In reality this theory opens, not some, but all the doors to fully understanding the cause of gravity and more.

Well, this “immediately” sounds too good to be true. Think about attempting to solve one mystery. Most likely some of your findings will contradict other information. Matter contract space seems to solve 10 to 12 huge mysteries, and is met with little by way of contradiction or opposition. Even further, "Matter contract space" leads us to a more complete understanding of existing theories.

This assumption will quickly lead to the conclusion that our understanding of gravity has been based in part on a serious misunderstanding;

For the last 300 years we have accepted that our knowledge about how two or several fields of gravity affect (and counteract) each other was correct and that this expression of a law of gravity should be used to understand how one single field of gravity counteracts itself.

It is forgivable that over the past hundred years have thought like we have, but not that we still believe like we do. Over the last 50 years have gained ability to verify if our believe was really true. This will be further covered in the third chapter; Dark Matter. (As we all know physics is science based not on what we believe but on measurements and experiments.)

Dark matter, dark energy, and black holes remain mysteries only because we for much to long have failed to understand how gravity build up itself from its own center.

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